Yes!   We collect new underwear and give them away to various groups who then distribute them in our area.  Nobody wants to get "used" underwear!   At the clothing closets, there is no market for used underwear.  So when someone goes to get some clothing as they need clothing, they get a bunch of good but pre-worn clothing  >>>>> We don't want them to get pre-worn underwear.  

Therefore, our church helps to supply new underwear to local charities that have clothing closets for those in need.

We are a strong supporter and deeply committed to the Ivy Bend Ministry.

We have a team of people and a committee that works with the Ivy Bend ministry from our Church family.

You can learn more about the ministries of Ivy Bend here.

We sponsor a church in Mozambique.  It is Mapinhane UMC and is pastored by Rev. Ana Marie Siquice

This is part of the Missouri UM Annual Conference initiative to the United Methodist Church in Mozambique.


From the Conference Office, Mr. Craig Stevenson, who is the Mozambique Coordinator came to talk to our Congregation about Mozambique.

Craig shared about the ministry in Mozambique.  

Inviting people to participate in Ministry.

One on one time to respond to the message.


"This is your church that you are sponsoring."

Craig shares about the need for help in Mozambique.