What to Expect?

Ozark Chapel is located in Laurie, MO north of the light on Main St (Hwy 5) approximately 2 blocks.  It is on the west side of Main St.

We believe that we are the "best church on the Lake" and we are proud of our church and ministries.  We are a friendly church that is deeply committed to our community as we share the love of Jesus Christ.   

Q: What should I wear to church?

We recommend you wear clothes.  Most of our congregation comes in "Lake" attire.  In the summertime there are a lot of people in shorts.  We would say that the dress is casual and comfortable.  The pastor often wears a tie and maybe one other person.   The vast majority are casual.  We are a welcoming and friendly church that invites you to come and worship with us in clothing that you feel comfortable wearing!

Q:  What are your worship services like?

Both of our worship services are energetic and bring out our emphasis on friendliness.  The are not stuffy or stiff.  The are planned in a way to bring out the Good News of Jesus Christ in a positive uplifting way.  We want you to leave our sanctuary feeling that you have been among other believers and in the presence of God.  We want you to feel the message of Hope.

We have an 8 am worship time that is modern/contemporary in style.  They sing to drums/guitar/keyboard/bass.  The music crosses all genres from country, gospel, modern worship, and upbeat guitar driven hymns.

The 10:30 worship is traditional with the our choir singing 2 times a month and our bell choir ringing 1 time a month.  We have great accompaniment and song leading that inspires us to worship with a broad selection and styles of hymns.

Both of our worship services last approximately one hour to an hour and 10 minutes.

Q:  What about our children?

We are putting some effort into our children's ministry.   After the children's message the children and jr/sr high are released to attend Classes appropriate for their age group.  In these classes they learn about the Good News of Jesus Christ through such things as cooking, play, crafts, art, scripture and other methods suitable to their age group.

Q:  Do you have groups for Adults?

Yes.  We have couples groups, men's groups and women's groups.  We encourage our church family to grow their faith by being involved in a small group.

Q:  What about Communion (Eucharist)?

We worship with the celebration of Communion/Eucharist on the 1st Sunday of each month.  Communion/Eucharist is the celebration of Jesus sacrificial death and powerful resurrection with the bread and grape juice.   In the United Methodist tradition, all people regardless of church tradition-membership or lack of tradition are invited to participate by taking the bread as the body of Christ and the grape juice as the blood of Christ.  You do not have to be a member of this church to share in what Jesus has done for all people regardless of gender, race, color, or creed.

Q: What else should I know about Ozark Chapel?

We are proud of our United Methodist heritage.  We continue to support and pray for the United Methodist Church working to see that our denomination continues to "make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."

Ozark Chapel is a mission-minded church that is deeply involved with a number of local organizations that feed, clothe and care for those who need our help.

We invite you to come and worship with us!